Location and Facilities

Christie House, Newnham Road, Bedford, MK40 3NZ

John Crosse House, Newnham Road, Bedford, MK40 3NY

Christie House and John Crosse House enjoy a spectacular location along the river, yet are in the heart of Bedford.  The centre is just a short walk away, making the shops, markets, library, theatre, banks, restaurants and cafes easily accessible.

The river and the Victorian Embankment with its willows and London plane trees are a sight to behold.  The flowerbeds are beautifully maintained and there is always something to watch – rowers, fishermen, as well as the geese and swans, provide endless entertainment from one of the many benches along the banks.  And the whole town celebrates together when it holds regattas, fireworks and festivals along the river and embankment

The almshouses have communal gardens linking the two buildings and although we do have help with the gardens, residents are welcome to “dig in” and get involved.  Most residents have planters and hanging baskets outside their flats to enhance the beauty of the almshouses.

The residents prize their independence and individuality within the overall safety of the Thomas Christie community.  Christie House residents have their own front doors and in John Crosse House we have avoided long stretches of anonymous corridors.  The layout of each home varies and the residents bring their own furniture, so no two are alike.

The warden works part time and lives off site but nearby.  She knows the residents well and looks out for them, just like a “good neighbour.”  In addition, all residents have alarm pendants which they always wear for use in an emergency.  This ensures backup care when the warden or deputy wardens are off duty.

Social events take place throughout the year.  Residents do not have to take part, but most enjoy the opportunity to socialise with one another.  The residents have several common areas which are used for breakfast club, hurling evenings, coffee mornings, tea parties, lunches, games afternoons and visiting speakers, choirs and singers.  There are also two kitchens and two laundries.  Residents and known outside organisations may request use of any common room and a diary of events is held in the main office.

From April 2017 the weekly maintenance contribution (WMC) for Christie House is £137 a week.  The WMC for John Crosse House (where the flats are larger) is £193 per week.  These will be reviewed in April 2018.